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Urban transportation in Montréal,  Laval or South shore has never been so affortable and fun. Going to work on a  scooter, is like taking a little time off before starting a hard day at work and on top of it...saving a lot of fuel ! 

Driving to work, riding around on the week-end or during your vacation, SCOOTTERRE it's fun, it's greenand really affortable! Gone are problems finding a parking spot !  No more traffic ! No need anymore to empty your wallet to pay for gas !  It's all fun for you now....enjoy the wind in your hair....A little vroum vroum sio sweet at your ears...... Enjoy the road!

Imagine, with about 2,90 $ you can drive around for more than 100 km.
That, is economical and .....ecoligical ! 

Your next SCOOTTERRE might be just here

Electric models

Scooter Modèles éléctriques

The green way to travel!

Look at our 10 electric scooters

Gas scooters

Scooter Modèles à essence

Look at our 9 gas scooters

The city belongs to you!

since 2010

La marque Scootterre

Since 2010 the SCOOTTERRE brand name offers you a complete line up of gas and electric scooters , for everybody's taste. In fact, almost 70 % of all scooters sold in Canada are sold in the province of Quebec.  

It was about time that a Canadian company provide a good quality scooters to Canadians ! You can use our scooters to go to work, drive around the city for fun, go to school or to save gas by leaving the car at home.

We have the right scooter for you.

SCOOTTERRE, offers you 6 different models of gas scooters, 2 high power electric scooters and 5 small electric scooters and electric bicycles. These models have been on the market for many years and are very well known for their quality.


These scooters are powered by the legendaty GY6  4 stroke motor, witch is robust, economical and also much more ecological, witch is a good thig for our planet.


The electric bicycle, scooters, have an electric motor, from 250W to 4000W. These models are very economical, no noise, no pollution......perfect.


What the SCOOTTERRE brand offers :

SCOOTTERRE is the only independant brand in Canada

  • Exclusive Quebec product
  • Tested and Approved by Transport Canada
  • Tested and Approved by Environment Canada
  • Quality and Durability on the full line of products
  • A large choice of models with trendy looks
  • Great quality/price ratio
  • Our Asian associates, producers for over 40 years
  • Total availability of replacement parts and service
  • Technical support
  • 100% Quebec minded and muscled