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The Perron family has been in various businesses for over 50 years, from boating and sporting goods, to swimming pools and accessories, cars and trucks rental, and the last but not least, SCOOTERGALORE, THE TWO WHEEL ADVENTURE, THE NEW TREND IN URBAN TRAVEL.

In 2006, the fuel and electric scooter division emerged, and gradually has taken more and more importance in the general picture of the company. Considering the growing demand in the Quebec market for this kind of product, in 2009, the family has decided, with great pride, to put onto the market, the QUEBEC QUALITY SCOOTTERRE brand.



Being very much involved in ecofriendly two wheel transportation, our company has devoted considerable efforts in designing a full line of scooters for the Quebec consumers, offering a variety of models, colors, styles and always budget minded



Before any product availability, the family has designed and tested for a minimum of one to two years, any and all models, for quality product and performance control, all details, be it the smallest, is taken into consideration.  Our engineering department is working closely with all manufacturers, mainly in Asia, which have great expertise in this type of production.

We are great lovers of the scooter generation, and as a well united family, every year we continue to work and progress toward the best new products, hoping to attract new bikers, THE SCOOTER TRAVELERS, THE NEW TREND IN TOWN IS HERE.



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